Bonsai Trees Introduction


When the word Bonsai is mention, the first thought to creep in most people's minds is the picture of a small tree growing on a small vase.  Even those who have more knowledge about Bonsai than the average person usually know no more than that the Bonsai is a Japanese technique of growing small trees and investing a lot of time, care and dedication on them.

It is therefore important that a detailed study of this art is done to understand what Bonsai is completely and how precious the multi-layered this art form is.

The Care and Cultivation of the Bonsai Tree
Over the years, the art of Bonsai has stood out different from other similar forms of arts is their distinct  character and the huge amount if discipline they demand.

One essential element when it comes to the cultivation and care for the Bonsai that many people fail to understand is that the Bonsai is not and cannot be treated like just a small plant. Bonsai are trees, and as such, they require different growing methods than plants. There is need to focus on all aspects of the Bonsai like controlling the size and shape of the trees to the minor ones like  the way the first seedlings and cuttings are shaped.

Secondly, you need to understand that a Bonsai tree is not a particular kind of tree. As a matter of fact, a Bonsai can be any type of tree that the gardener cultivates and takes care of and invests time, knowledge and skill to make them a miniature reflection of nature.

Bonsai Trees Techniques
One of the most essential elements of growing a Bonsai is its style and overall design. There are numerous techniques that can be used to give the Bonsai any particular style.

Leaf trimming is an essential practice that involves removing leaves and thorns from the trunk and branches of the Bonsai tree.

Pruning is done to take care of all the items in the Bonsai including the branches, roots, and trunk of a particular tree. Learn how to take care bonsai trees with these steps in .

The farmer used mechanical instruments to control the shape of all the elements of the Bonsai.

Defoliation is applied on the deciduous species to attain a short-term dwarfing on their foliage.

There is a lot of work and processes involved in the care and cultivation of the Bonsai here . However, it can be quite rewarding to those who are prepared to invest the needed time and attention. This is because the practice of growing Bonsai entails more than just the time and effort invested.
Bonsai growing is a discipline and those who dedicate themselves to learning it might end up absorbed in a practice that carries centuries of tradition behind it, click to know more!